Supervised visitation services is utilized for families involved in the child welfare system to support reunification and/or familial contact while maintaining the safety of children and youth. Bridging the Gap Family Services provides "Monitored Supervision Visitation and Therapeutic Supervised Visitation". 

Monitored Supervised Visitation: This service provides for the observation of the interactions and the maintenance of safety for the recipients. 

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation: This service offers coaching and modeling of parenting skills, such as effective communication, behavior management, activities to promote bonding/attachment, socialization and positive engagement with child/youth and psycho-education about topics related to child development and parenting skill development. Service is provided by individuals with specialized training in child development and/or behavioral health care for child and adolescents. Service is intended to improve the interactions between the caregiver/family member and the child/youth as well as maintain safety for recipients. We provide court testimony, documentation of the visit and other service planning activities per request.